Macro Photography: 6 tips to Inspiring Shots

Macro photography is one of the most exciting subjects in the realm of photography. whether pulling up to a plant to get a look at a new world, or looking at an insect's perspective, it is amazing the possibilities of macro photography when it is done right.

But sadly, that is the key word: when it is done right. iN the age where most phones have a setting for this on their phones, Macro photography has become a lost art: One where only the best of the best stand out. That is why today, I wanna offer 5 tsteps to help you improve your own macro photography, so you can get a step ahead of those phone wielding photographers.

1. Get a Good Macro Lens

Not every lens is built the same. which means it is especially good to know what kind of lens you need. what's most important with macro photography is a lens with a shallow depth of field , one most likely with a f- stop of 1.5 - 3.5 at the lowest.

this allows a master photographer to blur out the background, So you can focus in the the parts that are important. and on that note, we go to the next step:

2. Pay Attention to Your Depth of Field

On the same note, remember to note how deep your depth of field is with taking macro shots. With such a small f stop, it's important to note how the shot looks in frame. this is mostly up to you, as the photographer, to find out what works best for your photo, but generally the more dramatic the depth of field is the better

but this doesn't necessarily make an amazing photo either.

Macro photography or not, you also need to remember the basic needs of a great photo, which we'll cover in the next few steps.

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3.) Create Better Lighting

Nothing makes you stand out more that a well lit shot. If you don't know how to do this, then I'd recommend you tubing what it means to have good light. we'll probably do an article on it one day (sooner rather than later) but till then, I personally believe you can learn faster from a video that a website, so go for it.

I think if I had to just give bullet points to you, I would give you this:

golden hour - make sure to take it in the early morning or late afternoon for generally better shots.

Watch for interesting scenes - if it isn't just straight on hit with light, and it kinda diffuses between the objects around it, then its probably a good shot. take it!

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4.) Improve your In-camera Composition

Another way to drastically improve your photography among the rest of your fellow men. Using the basic rule of thirds, (which if you read your landscape photography article, you know all about) you can capture these small moments in ways that are more interesting for YOU, and the people who look at them.

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5.) Be Patient

Especially when capturing life up close, the only thing you can do to capture such shots is Is to pull up close, and be patient in taking the shot. This kind of goes without saying, but it's important to remember when in the thick of your shoot, that you try no to rush the process. If I remember right, I think it took Ansel Adams hours upon hour to take his perfect landscape photos, but with adjusting for time, and knowing what Camera composition, you should be able to tackle macro photography like a charm.

Thanks For reading! If you think anyone else can use this knowledge, then don't forget to share it. If you're interested in other photography Tips, Tricks, and photo Inspiration, then check out the links below:

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Till Next time,

Dallin Spencer

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