Struggling on INSTAGRAM? 4 Surefire​ ways to grow your page

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Did you know that the average Internet user spends less than half a second to form an impression of your account? Whether you’re the proud owner of a successful Instagram channel, or only taking your first steps in beginning one – there’s always room for maximizing the potential of your profile. You might already know that adding a link to your photography website isn’t enough: That iOS why today I want to give you 4 little things you can do to improve your Instagram page dramatically.

Instagram doesn’t need an introduction, nor does it require any further explanations of its digital marketing benefits, let alone for photographers. In a world where most Internet users come from the mobile sector, images have already spoken way more than one thousand words. Yet if you feel you need a quick reminder on ‘why’, before we get to the ‘how’, here are a few good reasons to take into account (and open one):

  • It’s like your business card, but a very personal and flexible one. Instagram showcases the full spectre of your capabilities, not just the creme-de-la-creme reserved for your portfolio. Photos from behind the scenes, various projects in the works and real-time experiences showcase your personality, alongside your photography talent.

  • There’s no better place to grow your network, become an influencer, and receive collaboration offers from brands and agencies.

  • Did we mention that Instagram has 500 million active users daily?

  • What else could be better for photographers like us?

1. Whats in a Name

Your name is the first thing people see when they land on your profile. It is also what appears in search results, the second after people type your name in the search bar (and we hope they’ll do that pretty often!). To be precise, two elements in your profile are indexed by Instagram to appear in search queries: your account name (also referred to as ‘handle’) and your profile name.

The account name (username, or handle) should be recognizable and as short as possible, in order to be easily memorized by your fans. We’d recommend using simply your name (or brand name), with no periods or underscores. Since adding the word ‘photography’ will make your account name significantly longer, you can simply add the word ‘photo’ at the end – if at all.

For branding purposes, we suggest using the same name for all the social media platforms you use, as well as for your email address. In any case, it’s better to avoid silly or offensive names, repeating letters, and names that might be sound like other existing brands.

The profile name can contain a bit more info:

  • Your name (or brand name) can be followed by ‘photography’.

  • If you work in a specific genre that you’d like to get hired for, include it! Travel, wedding, portrait, wildlife – you name it (literally).

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2. High-profile image

Just like the photo on the ‘About me’ page on your website, your profile picture should be both recognizable and memorable. Bear in mind that since Instagram is a mobile platform, there’s not much screen space to utilize – profile photos will appear quite small.

We often see photographers posing with a camera that covers their faces. As much as you’d like to include your “shutterbud” in the frame, considering the small screen real-estate we’d suggest going for a simple portrait photo that shows your face clearly. Served in a round format, the profile picture anyhow puts the focus on your face, rather than on the background.

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3. Your life, your bio

The bio is where you actually get to position yourself and stand out from the crowd. It’s the time to define your services, find your niche, and simply be your true photography self – all in 150 characters! The question you should be asking yourself is: “If there were 10,000 photographers standing right next to me, how would I present myself differently?”. While you’re at it, think about your target audience. What are the main keywords that will attract their attention and make them click the “Follow” button? Typing these in will not affect search engines, but will help you sharpen your bio till it shines.

Photographers based in a specific location (not everyone on Instagram is a travel photographer – yet) should definitely include the name of the city or area they’re willing to get hired in. On top of including a photography genre, location, and the type of services you provide, try to make it interesting and personal. Emojis and line breaks can help you space out the text, while a clear call to action will help direct your viewers to where you want them. Needless to say, your bio should correlate directly with the atmosphere created by the photos you post on Instagram.

Don’t miss out: your bio also provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration offers. If you’re on the lookout for those, include your email address and make it clear that potential clients and colleagues can feel free to contact you on any matter.

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4. Think and Link

After completing your bio, the next step is adding a link. There’s only room for one clickable link, so the spotlight needs to be spot on. Where would you want to send viewers, who were impressed by your photography and simply have to find out more information about you? To your photography website, of course. That being said, you might want to update this link from time to time with other destinations. For example, if there’s a specific photography project in the works, an ongoing sale you’d like to attract clients to, or a recent article you published on your blog.

BONUS :Use it to the max

Having put so much effort into setting up and optimizing your Instagram account, make the most of it by adding the feed to your photography website. It will enrich your portfolio, keep it fresh, and those extra followers coming from your website will be the cherry on top. The Instagram Feed app is extremely easy to use and fully customizable to suit your brand’s look and feel.

Thanks For reading! If you think anyone else can use this knowledge, then don't forget to share it. If you're interested in other photography Tips, Tricks, and photo Inspiration, then check out the links below:

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Till Next time,

Dallin Spencer

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